On Running for Office

If elected what do you hope to accomplish for the citizens and employees of our city?
What changes, if any, would you like to see made in city policies and city services?
What do you feel are the greatest challenges facing our city?
What do you think should be the top three (3) goals/priorities for our city over the next few years?
Do you feel it is important for the City Manager to form and maintain a relationship with the Frisco Fire Fighters Association?
How important do you feel it is for the city to recruit and retain quality employees through competitive pay and benefits packages?
Do you have any previous experience working with members of the Fire Department or Fire Fighters Association?
The City of Frisco currently maintains its commitment toward a COLA (cost of living adjustments for retirees) with TMRS. Would you support measures to maintain the COLA benefit?
Are you personally committed to communicating with the Frisco Fire Fighters Association regarding decisions that directly and indirectly affect their members?
The current economic situation is dictating that the city prepare for several cost saving measures in the next budget. In order to keep basic services in place are you more inclined to call for budget cuts in all departments or in all departments excluding public safety?

On The Issues

In your opinion, what are the three most important issues facing the city of Frisco.  You may use additional space than what is provided for your answers.
Do you have any specific ideas on how to develop and retain business in your city?
Currently, when a taxing jurisdiction other than a school district, increases its tax rate by more than 8%, the taxpayers’ only recourse is through a burdensome petitioning process.  Would you support increased accountability to the public through automatic referendum on tax rates that increase by greater than 5%?
Currently, the Texas Constitution permits condemnation of land for public use. Before the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Kelo vs. New London, public use was understood to be for parks, roads, and other infrastructure. The following is a two part question:  A). Do you support the taking of private property through the powers of eminent domain for the purpose of economic development?  B). Do you support a local governments taking of private property through powers of eminent domain and conveying that condemned property to another private sector entity or owner?
As local officials look for new ways to fund city and county services and transportation needs, proposals have been made to enact new local taxes, including a proposal that places a flat fee or percentage sales tax on all real estate transactions (a.k.a., “real estate transfer tax”). Would you support a transfer tax on real estate transactions of any dollar amount or percentage either locally or on the state level?
Some city councils have proposed to mandate certain energy efficiency upgrades in residential properties which must be completed and certified prior to the sale of the property.  These mandates would require all properties to be retrofitted to meet the standards of the mandates costing sellers thousands of dollars.  If elected, would you support efforts to impose mandatory energy-efficiency upgrades in existing housing?